Thursday, May 15, 2008

Donating Blood

I donated blood today. It was my third time, and every time has ended the same way: with a wet towel across my forehead. I always get faint and then everyone comes running over saying I'm too pale, someone reclines the bed instantly, and hands come out of nowhere with cups of water in my face. Then I'm stuck at the Red Cross for another hour with cookies thrust left and right. Don't get me wrong; I love free cookies, but not when I'm surrounded by strangers half-passed out. Anyway, if you're not a pathetic weakling like me, then go ahead and donate blood. Besides my unfortunate ending to the experience, it's not so bad overall.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I should be studying

Right now I should not be allowed on the internet. I certainly shouldn't be blogging. I should be studying. I have two final exams tomorrow, one Friday, and one next week. I should be spending every spare second I have to Ace my finals . . . BUT . . . I just don't have the will to do it. I'm not motivated anymore. I've lost it.

My mother keeps telling me, "You have your whole life to work, you should focus on school now." The problem with that is, I like to work. As far as I'm concerned, I've spent my whole life in school, I want to work now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about ditching school. It's just that I'd like to do both, and work is more fun.

And so, I'm not working, but I'm not studying either. I'm just sitting here blogging about how I shouldn't be blogging.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Green to Grow Green

How great is this?!?! At re:modern, you can get this awesome Twist and Spout that fits on almost any screw top soda or water bottle. Instead of throwing out your bottles when you're done, twist this handy tool on top and you've got an instant watering can. They are cute too! Cheers for re:modern!

UniquEco - The (flip flop) Recycling Company

After my last post about how my obsession with flip flops has inflicted pain, I decided maybe there are other uses for my old flip flops than just to trip me as I race for the bus. Check out this video about a company in Kenya that actually recycles old flip flops into toys, artwork, and sculptures. It's fabulous!

My Demise

Like every other girl, as soon as nice weather rolls around, I'm bringing out the flip flops. I'm addicted. The only problem is, I haven't quite figured out how to walk in them yet.

Okay, okay, I should start by saying that the bus WAS early!

So, I'm walking to the bus stop this morning, and as I turn the corner, I see that the bus is already at the stop! If I didn't catch it, I'd be late for class, and I absolutely can't miss any school on the week before finals!

So, I run! I'm racing across the street flailing my arms with my over-sized backpack smashing into my shoulder blades, phone in hand, and...

I was wearing flip flops. It was inevitable.

I went down. And not just that, but I went down as I was crossing the street just as the light changed in a busy intersection in morning traffic. My phone smashed into the concrete, my cute outfit got scuffed up, and of course, the flip flops didn't do a thing to protect my toes. Ouch!

I tried to play it off as I collected myself (and phone) and jumped up in an attempt to still catch the bus. People were looking at me, cars honking confused, but at least the entire audience on the bus saw as well, so they managed to hold the bus off from leaving until I made it on.

It was... let's just say, I probably won't be wearing flip flops on the days I have to catch the bus.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost Summer

Summer is coming, but it's hardly in sight. With Finals Week approaching, and the end-of-semester projects, it's absolutely impossible to dream of sunny days. I'm nervous. I know I can do better than I've been doing this semester, but I honestly don't have to energy or willpower to keep doing it. I really desperately need the break to catch up on sleep and energy. I just hope I can get by at this point.