Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Demise

Like every other girl, as soon as nice weather rolls around, I'm bringing out the flip flops. I'm addicted. The only problem is, I haven't quite figured out how to walk in them yet.

Okay, okay, I should start by saying that the bus WAS early!

So, I'm walking to the bus stop this morning, and as I turn the corner, I see that the bus is already at the stop! If I didn't catch it, I'd be late for class, and I absolutely can't miss any school on the week before finals!

So, I run! I'm racing across the street flailing my arms with my over-sized backpack smashing into my shoulder blades, phone in hand, and...

I was wearing flip flops. It was inevitable.

I went down. And not just that, but I went down as I was crossing the street just as the light changed in a busy intersection in morning traffic. My phone smashed into the concrete, my cute outfit got scuffed up, and of course, the flip flops didn't do a thing to protect my toes. Ouch!

I tried to play it off as I collected myself (and phone) and jumped up in an attempt to still catch the bus. People were looking at me, cars honking confused, but at least the entire audience on the bus saw as well, so they managed to hold the bus off from leaving until I made it on.

It was... let's just say, I probably won't be wearing flip flops on the days I have to catch the bus.