Monday, March 24, 2008

More About Taxes

Since my last post, I've been searching around the web, and I've found a couple more sites that might help you out with your taxes. At The Container Store, there is a sale for tax-related organization items. Check it out! Also, click here to see a list of Filing Strategies from RealSimple's Organizing Channel.

The Container Store - Tax Time Sale


Paige said...

I should really learn how to do my taxes. My mom has always done them for me. She doesn't even try to teach me, just takes the forms. I guess I don't care now but will have to figure it out sooner or later.

Ryan747 said...

Taxes are pretty easy to do if you don't have any extra income other than your workplace. I took my money out of all my stocks this summer since I thought we were going into recession which eventually turned out to be an amazing idea. This created a hassle though. I used to do my taxes online, but I actually had to do them by hand this year. Not the best time, but the money you get back is definately worth the time.

rik said...

I love the web-based tax solutions; turbotax is sooo easy.